(Image) Snowdonia National Park and home of Dru Yoga. A little piece of me is always here and I owe a lot to the teachings I learnt in this valley.

About me

This is me ✨ Ayla Wilde & the girl behind @awildelife_

It’s pretty hard to summarise a life in a few paragraphs. It’s ever changing excitement that crosses your path with soulful strangers, wondering which wrong turn’s were the right ones to get you exactly where you need to be.

But I’ll try my best not to waffle so you get a overview on how A Wilde Life came into fruition….

I’m 27, I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 15 & teaching it since I was 21. My journey to yoga came through my incredible mama, who teaches with me in workshops and on retreats, and I have introduced in my blog @franiwilde.

Not unlike a lot of other people out there, yoga got me through some pretty challenging times in my life – probably some of the toughest I’ll ever go through; with severe anxiety & an inability to do a whole lot on my own. I was co-dependent and a LOT of things scared the shit out of me – especially being on my own. I developed a thing called “health anxiety” from a young age that concreted itself after the sudden loss of my Dad at age 18.

But my yoga, my family, and the people I met through volunteering once a year at the most beautiful centre in North Wales with the @druyogauk community, helped me to overcome it.

Through tools like mantra, pranayama (breath work), one on one mentoring and yoga, I now have a beautiful little toolkit to help me stay grounded, driven & focused – and to be able to work with & overcome anxiety any time it tries to creep back in.

At the start of my yoga teacher training I was a girl who couldn’t catch a flight on her own because of the crushing anxiety I would experience. At the end of my 3 year course, I solo travelled to America and Canada before moving to the UK for 8 months with a couple friends I had met. Yoga literally changed my life.

It’s this I want to share with people, through my yoga & my writing. For as long as I’ve been working with goal setting (7 years) my driving force, my mission statement is that:

I want to make a difference. And I believe I can.

I want to give to others, what yoga gave to me. Tools to lead a happy, healthy, grounded, driven, fulfilling life.

One class, one post, one retreat, at a time.🌻🧘🏽‍♀️

“Ayla is such a wonderful and kind teacher. She is passionate and gives so much to her students, very attentive and always there if you have any questions.

Ayla’s classes are very well balanced and I always feel like I get a great workout, a strong stretch into sore muscles and a deep relaxation at the end.

I always feel a sense of calmness at the end of class and feel I am on the right path to start my day.”

Hope Cook