Be Willing to Fail

Be willing to fail ✔️

This is a big one for me. I guess for everyone, really. 

I remember a friend of mine recently said: “you don’t think you’ve missed the boat with your retreats?” And although it was said in such a harmless and inquisitive way, I took it straight to heart.

Have I missed the boat? What makes me think I can lead retreats, I’m only 27? What if they don’t get out of my retreats what I want them to? What if I get no bookings? How embarrassing would that be? 

I have to keep re-wiring my thinking, and I think that’s a big part of what life is and what my yoga journey has taught me. Catch yourself when you’re thinking uncertainly, and flip it around. My friend didn’t mean anything negative, but my brain was wired to receive it as criticism. Re-wire your brain for positivity. 🌻

Failure is a good thing. Be proud of it. Be proud of yourself. Failure means you tried something out of your comfort zone, regardless of the outcome, and that’s pretty great. There are a million reasons why some things don’t work out, and a lot of them have absolutely nothing to do with you. Remember that when your insecurities tell you differently. 

I’ve had to cancel before, and I’ve also ran them successfully, with another just about to sell out. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right, maybe life wanted me elsewhere for that moment in time. 

Re-wire your reaction to failure. 

So this post is to remind myself, and to anyone else that needs to hear it, exactly that. Don’t doubt your potential, or yourself. 

I hope that whoever I’m teaching can grow and learn as I have through yoga. Maybe just one droplet of something I say, or teach, is the thing that transforms their thinking. That stops them thinking they can’t overcome a hurdle, mental or physical, and realise they can. And that they hold that all inside of them ✨ 

All we can do is our best. 

& if you haven’t had a fail… maybe it’s time to take a leap? 


Ps- Big ups to this little lady on my right for being my mentor and teaching alongside me, sharing her wisdom and beauty for all who cross her path. 💫 I am forever grateful for you. 

Ps- our student is alive and well we promise 😂 just very deeply relaxed!


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