Prayer ~ and the power of light

P R A Y E R ✨ (or, sending light)

I was wanting to write a post about prayer but unsure how I would start it, and just then I stumbled across one of my teachers on Instagram TV (Rita 🌿 @druworldwide) and I realised how simple it actually was.

I’ve never considered myself religious, I didn’t grow up in a religious family and had never prayed before I lost my dad.

But I remember so clearly the night he left this world. I refused to let anyone tell me he’d gone, because once it was said I had to face it. So I held on to my hope as we drove the 1.5 hours to his house, and it was only when we pulled up and there was no ambulance that I knew what had happened.

From that moment on an ambulance became a symbol of hope for me. I wanted to be able to help in some way when I saw those flashing lights, to send hope and light to whoever they were going to see. And that’s when I began to pray. It’s also when I let my stigma around “praying” dissolve.

A prayer for me is not sitting down by my bed with my hands at my chest staring up at the heavens.

A prayer for me is about hope, and faith.

It’s about sending light to someone who might need it. It’s a way of helping when you feel helpless. Of giving back into the world. It doesn’t even need to have words, it can be a feeling.

A prayer is what you make of it, and what you want it to be.

You never know when that light might help someone, and it might help you, too. You never know when your hope & light, your faith, might make all the difference in the world. ✨🕯


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