Meet Frani

Frani Wilde

This is my incredible mama, Frani Jane Wilde (middle name twins) 🤍

Aside from being a total magician at life, she’s also an extremely talented Physiotherapist of 35+ years, a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, yoga therapist, yoga tutor, soon to be Ayurveda health coach & does one on one personal coaching (among many other wonderful things).

I feel so proud & lucky to be able to share my career with her as both my mentor and my college.

She will be leading some amazing sessions on our retreat in August, and is more than happy for you to pick her brain about absolutely anything from the wealth of knowledge she possesses.

She is incredibly inspiring, passionate, insightful, kind, knowledgeable, empathetic, bubbly & motivated, and the kind of person you want around you and in your life.

…so to have access to all that for four days on a yoga retreat sailing around the Whitsundays? Unmissable.

Further details on our Ocean Yoga Retreat can be found in the link in my bio. The perfect switch off & reset we all need in our lives 🌿✨


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