Check Back in with Your Goals

Check back in with your goals. ✅

It’s a beautiful thing to be driven. To set yourself goals and targets to achieve, and mini milestones to accomplish. It makes life fun, exciting, and holds us accountable.

I realised the other day however, that I’ve become somewhat of a goal setting fanatic. 🤨 I set goals regularly (anyone that knows me will know they can also change very regularly….)

What I don’t do very often however – is check back in on them. I can get a little consumed in my pursuits of my best life, and forget to notice what I’ve already achieved.

It was amazing to reflect on how many of the goals I had set myself for the year, and I had actually met. 🔥

So yes, set goals. Regularly. Write them down (a very important step). And then celebrate when you achieve them ✨ it’s a beautiful feeling and reminder that you’re on the right path.

Climb the mountain not only to appreciate the view, but to see how far you’ve come. ⛰


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