New date release for our Yoga & Sailing Retreat

Mum and I are overwhelmed with the interest for our upcoming retreat in May, and the requests for another date later in the year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is so special for Mum and I to be follow our passion in hosting these workshops and retreats, and even more so to beContinue reading “New date release for our Yoga & Sailing Retreat”

Tend to Your Inner Garden

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.” I read a book recently called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – which is absolutely incredible and a brilliant read for anyone interested in personal development. A lot of the book was centred around the importance ofContinue reading “Tend to Your Inner Garden”

Check Back in with Your Goals

Check back in with your goals. ✅ It’s a beautiful thing to be driven. To set yourself goals and targets to achieve, and mini milestones to accomplish. It makes life fun, exciting, and holds us accountable. I realised the other day however, that I’ve become somewhat of a goal setting fanatic. 🤨 I set goalsContinue reading “Check Back in with Your Goals”

Prayer ~ and the power of light

P R A Y E R ✨ (or, sending light) I was wanting to write a post about prayer but unsure how I would start it, and just then I stumbled across one of my teachers on Instagram TV (Rita 🌿 @druworldwide) and I realised how simple it actually was. I’ve never considered myself religious, IContinue reading “Prayer ~ and the power of light”